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We offer a FREE hearing screening to anyone aged 18 years and over at all Dilworth Hearing clinics.

Appointment Details.

During the appointment our audiologist will examine your ear with an Otoscope which allows them to look inside the ear canal and view the ear drum.

Following this examination, the audiologist will provide you with a pair of headphones to test your hearing at each frequency.

This test does not provide you with information about the type of hearing loss or any information about middle ear status, it simply indicates if your hearing is where it should be or not.

Next Steps.

If hearing loss is detected, your audiologist will recommend you for a full diagnostic hearing assessment.  This assessment will determine the nature of the hearing loss so suitable management options can be recommended.

If you think you have hearing loss and would like to book in for a FREE hearing screening, call us on 0800 005 641 or fill in the form below to book an appointment.

Terms and Conditions

The Free Hearing Screening is only available to people aged 18 years and over.

Free hearing screening

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