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You may be able to apply for funding, if your job, education, caring for dependents, or personal safety relies on a hearing aid. Your audiologist will help you through the process of applying for any of the following funding paths.

Ministry of Health - Hearing Aid Subsidy

You may be eligible of a $1022.22 government subsidy towards a pair of hearing aids .  All New Zealand citizens and permanent residents over 16 years of age can apply for the subsidy once every six years.

This is available for first-time purchases of hearing aids, or replacement aids every six years.

Depending on your circumstances and type of hearing loss, Ministry of Health also offers a funding scheme that can fully cover the cost of your hearing aids. Please consult your audiologist for more information and eligibility criteria.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) Funding

If your hearing loss is because of an injury or work-related noise exposure, you may be eligible for ACC funding.  Once approved, ACC supports the cost of appointments, hearing aids and consumables such as hearing aid batteries.

There are different levels of funding available through ACC, depending on how much of your hearing loss is relates to injury of noise exposure at work.

What’s more, Dilworth Hearing makes the process easier by lodging a claim on your behalf and walking alongside you every step of the way. Learn about our simple 3-step journey to ACC funding.

Veterans' Affairs

If you suffer from service-related hearing loss or receive the Weekly Income Compensation (with hearing loss being the condition stopping you from working), you may be eligible for funding.

Veterans’ Affairs funding contributes towards the cost of standard hearing aids. In special cases they may provide more advanced hearing aids if you have complex needs such as profound hearing loss.

They can also fund batteries, and some hearing service costs such as hearing assessments , fittings  and ear wax removal.

This funding pays up to $900 per hearing aid. Any additional funding is usually covered by the patient.

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