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Types of Hearing Loss.

There are three main types of hearing loss, each with very different treatments, which is why an accurate diagnosis is of utmost importance.

  • Conductive hearing loss – is simply when sound can’t reach the inner ear.  The most common causes are middle ear infections or wax build-up in the ear canal. Wax build-up is very common and easily resolved by our ear nurse.
  • Sensorineural hearing loss – is when the sensory hair cells in the cochlea are damaged. Because these cells can’t repair themselves, this type of hearing loss is irreversible, but it can be treated. The most common cause is ageing or long exposure to loud noise.
  • Mixed loss – combines both a conductive and sensorineural loss. For example this may be an age-related hearing loss, combined with an ear infection.

Whatever the cause of your hearing loss, it may be easier to treat than you thought. The first step is accurate diagnosis so our highly qualified team of audiologists can then recommend the best treatment.

Do I have Hearing Loss?

If you question whether your hearing loss is at a point where you need to seek help, simply answer these quick questions:

  1. Do you often ask people to repeat themselves or feel they always seem to mumble?
  2. Do you sometimes answer or respond inappropriately in conversations?
  3. Has it become harder to follow conversations in noisy situations?
  4. Do you sometimes feel left out because you cannot hear people clearly?
  5. Do busy social activities leave you feeling tired and stressed?
  6. Do others complain about the volume of your radio or TV?
  7. Are women’s and children’s voices harder to understand than men’s voices?
  8. Is it difficult to hear on the phone?
  9. Is it hard to detect where a sound is coming from?
  10. Do you experience a ringing/buzzing sound in your ears or head?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more questions, get in touch now by calling us on 0800 000 678 of fill in the form below to book a full diagnostic hearing assessment

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