Why see an audiologist?



An audiologist is a hearing health care professional who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss, hearing rehabilitation and balance disorders in adults and children.

Possessing a comprehensive knowledge of the human auditory and vestibular systems, audiologists have extensive training in sound reproduction, which is critical to the accurate fitting and adjustment of hearing aids.

Our Audiologists.

At Dilworth Hearing our audiologists are not only highly qualified but also members of the New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS).

Up to date with current practices, research and technology, you can be confident that your Dilworth Hearing audiologist will adopt a comprehensive approach to diagnosing, treating, and re-evaluating your hearing.

Do you have some hearing concerns?

Get a better understanding on your hearing concerns. Book a FREE hearing screening with one of our expert audiologists.

The FREE hearing screening is available to anyone aged 18 years and over.


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