Latest Technology



Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving. Choosing more advanced hearing aids gives you better sound quality and the aids are more intuitive and easier to use. They can be customised to suit your hearing needs, and many will automatically adjust to different environments.

Modern hearing aids also tend to be smaller, more comfortable and more discreet. Most use automatically activated, adaptive directional microphones to determine where sounds are coming from. Being able to sense where sound is coming from makes it easier to interact with people in a crowd.

Smart device connectivity is an important area of focus for the latest hearing aids as being able to connect your hearing aids to your other devices can make your life easier.

Modern hearing aids can connect to compatible phones, TV and music devices using Bluetooth and associated apps. When connected to one of these devices, they act like headphones, streaming sound directly to you ears.

This means the sound signal is clearer and you can control the volume of the TV or music to suit you without affecting the people around you.


Say HELLO to rechargeable Hearing Aid Technology.

How’s this for innovative – we now have fully rechargeable hearing aids!

Designed to suit your busy lifestyle, rechargeable hearing aids can give you up to 30hrs of battery life. Coming in a variety of sizes, the easy-to-use charger consoles enable you to charge on-the-go!