Hearing Aids



If you’re diagnosed with hearing loss, hearing aids will make a huge difference to your quality of life, especially the daily communication you have with your friends and family.

Dilworth Hearing offer a variety of hearing aids New Zealand wide with options starting from as little as $450 for a pair (after the Government subsidy).

To help you choose the right hearing aid(s) to suit your hearing needs and lifestyle requirements, your audiologist will gain an understanding of your day-to-day activities, budget and aid preference. From there they will make a recommendation on the right hearing aid(s) for you.

Independent Providers.

Dilworth Hearing aren’t tied to one hearing aid manufacturer but operate independently allowing our highly qualified audiologists to help you choose the device that best suits you.

For further information on the types of hearing aids available click here.

Need Hearing Aids?

Once your hearing aids are chosen, you will then have a fitting appointment. During this appointment your hearing aids will be customised to your unique hearing requirements, ensuring they are fine tuned to provide optimal hearing.

When your hearing aids are fitted, and sound reintroduced it can sometimes take a little while for your brain to adjust and rewire the way it processes this sound. To help you with this adjustment period, Dilworth Hearing offers a 60-day money back guarantee on hearing aid purchases, as well as complimentary check-up appointments during this time so we can fine-tune where required, ensuring you are satisfied with your purchase.

Funding and Finance.

Funding and finance options are available on all hearing aids purchases. If you are interested in what funding/finance options may be available to you, click here.

Alternatively, let your Dilworth Hearing audiologist know and they will provide you with the information required to help you in your decision-making process.

Next Steps.

If hearing loss is detected, your audiologist will recommend you for a full diagnostic hearing assessment.  This assessment will determine the nature of the hearing loss so suitable management options can be recommended.

Have you been recommended for hearing aids? Book in for Hearing Aid Needs Assessment.

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