Care and Maintenance



Our audiologists can give you advice and information about caring for your hearing aids, and you can bring them into us for repair if you have any concerns. Most hearing aid manufacturers offer a generous warranty period as well.

To help you care for your hearing aids we have pulled together some tips to help keep them working effectively for longer.


When your hearing aid is not in use, open the battery door to prevent draining the battery unnecessarily and to allow airflow inside the device.

To make this easier, we provide a silica gel Dry Kit in which to store your aids.  Talk to our friendly customer service representatives at our clinic if you would like more information on storage options.


Wipe the ear piece and hearing aid with a dry tissue every time you remove it from your ear.  Get into a routine of cleaning the hearing aid housing, switches, battery compartment and microphone screen with a soft brush at least once a week.

If you find this too difficult, feel free to visit us at our clinic and we can look after this for you.

General Care

Some additional ways that you can keep your hearing aids in optimal condition are as follows:

  • Have your ear canals checked for wax every three to six months. We provide Ear Wax Removal if required.
  • Have a Full Diagnostic Hearing Assessment once a year. During this appointment we will check your hearing and if required fine-tune your aid.
  • Have your hearing aid and ear piece checked once a year with our Hearing Aid Review.

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