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Ear Wax Removal by Micro-suction.

Ear wax is completely normal, healthy and serves several important functions:

  • It coats the skin of the ear canal, repelling water and helping to protect it against injury and infection.
  • It helps keep the skin inside the ear from getting dry and itchy.
  • Ear wax traps dust and germs, keeping them from reaching the eardrum.

However, when we produce too much wax it can block the ear canal. This then affects how we hear, as sound can’t travel through the ear canal to the eardrum. Skin, other debris or foreign objects can also block the ear canal.

Cleaning your own ears using cotton buds, bobby pins or other objects is never a good idea. In fact, these objects often push the ear wax further into the ear canal, and can increase the risk of infection or damage to your eardrum.

What is Micro-Suction?

Micro-suction is the recommended procedure by leading ear, nose and throat specialists (ENT) to clean ears safely and effectively.

During this procedure wax is removed under direct visualisation of your ear canal using a microscope or headset and suction machine.

Ear irrigation or syringing is no longer advised, as it puts excessive pressure on the eardrum and increases the risk of eardrum perforation or irritation.

Your first appointment with us will take approximately 45 minutes and will include a hearing screening after your wax removal.

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