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Our Full Diagnostic Hearing Assessment.

Diagnostic hearing assessments offer you a comprehensive insight into your hearing loss problem. At this appointment you will get an accurate picture of your hearing, and the most appropriate treatment for your hearing needs.

We offer a full diagnostic hearing assessment for people of all ages, from babies (aged from 6 months at selected clinics) and toddlers (from 3 years at all clinics) to adults.

A full diagnostic assessment includes the following five tests and takes approximately one hour.

Test 1: Otoscopy
Your audiologist will look into your ear canal with a magnifying tool called an otoscope. This helps rule out any physical abnormalities or wax build-up that could be causing hearing difficulties.

Test 2: Immittance Audiometry
Your audiologist will place a small plug into your ear, which emits a low humming sound and a series of beeps.

This can help identify medical causes for hearing difficulties such as middle ear infections. If there’s an underlying medical cause of your hearing issues, it could be best treated with surgery or watchful waiting.

Test 3: Air Conduction Testing
Your audiologist will place headphones over your ears and ask you to press a button when you hear a beep. This test measures the extent of your hearing loss and helps us give you the most accurate treatment options.

Test 4: Bone Conduction Testing
Your audiologist will use a headband to position a vibrating box behind your ear. This sends sound directly to your cochlea, bypassing the ear canal and middle ear.

The results will help us determine what type of hearing loss you have (sensorineural, conductive or mixed) and allows us to recommend treatment options.

Test 5: Speech Audiometry
You will be asked to repeat a list of simple words. There are nonverbal options for infants or people with special needs.

This test helps us find out how well you are able to process speech. It is a vital part of the full diagnostic hearing assessment because it lets us know how much you will benefit from hearing aids.

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