Paediatric Testing



Does your child have speech or language difficulties? Do they have trouble following instructions? Do they become easily distracted or have difficulty paying attention in class? It may be because they’re experiencing hearing loss. Dilworth hearing offers comprehensive hearing tests for children.

Hearing issues can affect anyone of any age, including babies, toddlers and children. If you suspect your child may be experiencing some hearing loss bring them to Dilworth Hearing, where we have have an array of tailored hearing tests for kids from 6 months+. We recommend getting your kids hearing checked early as left undiagnosed hearing loss may affect their language, learning and social development.

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How we can help.

At Dilworth Hearing our expert audiologists can provide full diagnostic hearing assessments for children aged 3 years and over. Additionally, our Epsom clinic based in Auckland can test children from 6-months of age.


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