Hearing Loss

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Do you have
hearing loss?

Hearing loss can develop at any time. While a sudden onset of hearing loss is easily recognisable, in most cases it develops gradually – meaning the symptoms can often be difficult for an individual to recognise. This can be frustrating for both the person experiencing the hearing loss, and their loved ones, as communication becomes increasingly difficult over time. If this sounds familiar, book a hearing loss test and talk to us about your hearing loss solutions.

10 signs you may have
hearing loss

  • 1. Do you often ask people to repeat what they have said?
  • 2. Do you typically have trouble understanding a conversation or mishear people in a group or in the presence of background noise?
  • 3. Does it seem that people are regularly not speaking clearly or are ‘mumbling’?
  • 4. When watching television do you need to set the volume higher than other people to hear comfortably?
  • 5. Do you become frustrated or even totally avoid some social occasions because there is too much noise, or you cannot keep up with the conversation?
  • 6. Do you become tired or stressed after you have been listening or contributing to a conversation for an extended time period?
  • 7. Do you find you need to be close to the speaker at meetings, seminars, restaurants etc. to understand what is being said?
  • 8. Do you feel you need to maintain eye contact or see people’s faces to understand what they are saying?
  • 9. Do you find it difficult to localise where sounds are coming from?
  • 10. Have your family or friends questioned whether you have a hearing problem?

If you answer YES to one or more of these questions, we recommend you call us on 0800 005 641 to book a FREE hearing screening. It’s available to anyone aged 18 years and over at all our 20+ Dilworth Hearing clinics nationwide.