In-clinic Hearing Screening

In-clinic Hearing Screening


Free for the patient and the practice, a hearing screening can quickly identify whether a patient has hearing loss before it starts to impact their quality of life significantly.

In this appointment, the screener will examine the patient’s ears with an otoscope before providing them with a pair of headphones to test their hearing at various frequencies.

How it works

  • Dilworth Hearing will confirm a day and time with the practice manager or front-line staff members
  • Once confirmed, Dilworth Hearing provides the practice with material to promote free hearing screening within your practice and to your patients.
  • On the day, Dilworth Hearing will set up portable equipment in one of the practice’s rooms and provide a booking sheet to the practice reception. If a patient is unable to attend the screening, they can be referred directly to a local Dilworth Hearing clinic to make another appointment.
  • A Dilworth Hearing team member will spend the day conducting free hearing screenings for your patients.


Get in touch to organise FREE Hearing Screenings at your practice.