What Does Audiology Mean?



“What does audiology mean?” is a much-asked question online. Audiology is defined as the study of hearing problems and audio-related illnesses. An audiologist is a person who assists with the diagnosis and treatment of audiology issues and can help diagnose, treat, and restore a wide range of audiological issues. Dilworth Hearing focuses on the unique hearing needs of each individual patient, supporting them through their journey with hearing aids.

The first step if you think that your hearing is declining is to book a free hearing screening. In this appointment your clinician will check your ear canals and ear drum then, using a pair of headphones, will test your hearing at each frequency.

If hearing loss is detected in your screening, then the next appointment will be for a full diagnostic hearing assessment (also known as an audiology test or full hearing test). This is where the nature and severity of your hearing loss will be determined, and the most appropriate treatment planned with your audiologist.

Within this appointment, your audiologist may also give you a demonstration of hearing aids so that you can hear the difference of better hearing for yourself. Your audiologist may also finish the appointment with a letter to your doctor outlining the results and treatment options that have been discussed. This step ensures that your primary GP has all of the information necessary to support your overall health and wellbeing.

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