What Does an Audiologist Do?

One of the questions we often get from our patients is, “what does an audiologist do?”. Put simply, an audiologist is a qualified health care professional who diagnoses and manages hearing issues as well as issues with ear health and auditory discomfort. An audiologist is responsible for diagnosing and prescribing treatments to their patients and ensuring that correct duty of care is maintained throughout treatment.

At Dilworth Hearing, our team of highly-qualified clinicians work closely with doctors, ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists, insurance companies, funding agencies (such as ACC, Veterans’ Affairs and the Ministry of Health), plus many global hearing aid manufacturers to deliver the best hearing experience possible to our patients.

We are also uniquely qualified to offer specialised paediatric audiology services for children from 6 months of age, plus cochlea implant services, urgent audiology services (e.g. Sudden Hearing Loss), tinnitus treatments, as well as ear wax removal on-site in most of our clinics. To find out which clinics offer each service, please call our friendly team on 0800 005 641 or see Hearing Tests for more information.

Unique to Dilworth Hearing is the long-standing relationships our audiology team have with the medical community of GPs and ear, nose and throat specialists. These relationships are important in ensuring that patients receive the best overall healthcare possible. As hearing loss can be a factor in other healthcare issues (such as dementia, vertigo/balance, mental health), it’s important that GPs have all of the relevant information available to make further healthcare recommendations.

Dilworth Hearing audiologists regularly visit GP practices, hold speaking spots in medical conferences, and are generally held in high regard by the medical community. Our team are encouraged to submit international research reviews and undergo additional training in specialist audiology areas such as tinnitus, cochlear implants, urgent audiology services, or paediatric audiology. Additionally, Dilworth Hearing provides approved training for medical professionals on a variety of audiology topics.