Are hearing aids covered by insurance?



When people come to talk to us about getting hearing aids, one of the questions we are often asked is are hearing aids covered by insurance? At Dilworth Hearing we offer a range of finance options and dependent on the insurer you use; your hearing aids should at least be partially covered by your contents insurance, but it’s a good idea to list them on your contents policy. We work with all of the major New Zealand insurance providers. However, we also have a range of payment and finance options available so even if your hearing aids aren’t covered by insurance, we can help you sort out a payment option that suits your needs.

What to do if you lose or significantly damage your hearing aids:

  • Contact Dilworth Hearing on 0800 345 967 or
  • We will book you ASAP for a free-of-charge consultation
  • If your hearing aids are lost, we’ll recheck your hearing in case your hearing has changed. This ensures that we order the best replacement hearing aids for your current needs. If your hearing aids are significantly damaged, rather than lost, we’ll assess the damage and advise whether they can be repaired.
  • Contact your insurance provider to start the claim process
  • Your insurance provider will give you a claim number; please call us with this as soon as you receive it
  • If you get contacted by another audiology provider about your claim, you can tell them that you’d like to stay with Dilworth Hearing
  • We will work with your insurance provider to process your claim, then order your replacement hearing aids.

As soon as your hearing aids arrive at our clinic, we’ll give you a call to arrange a fitting appointment so that you can get back to hearing well again as quickly as possible.