Terms and Conditions – Airpoints



Effective from 2 July 2018 to 31 August 2020

In partnership with Air New Zealand, Dilworth Hearing patients can earn Airpoints Dollars™ in accordance with the terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

  • You can earn 1 Airpoints Dollar for every $115 (including GST) you spend when purchasing goods or services at any Dilworth Hearing clinic and present your Airpoints™ card.
  • We may offer Bonus Airpoints Dollars on purchases of goods or services in clinic. These goods or services and/or the number of Bonus Airpoints Dollars may change at any time without notice.
  • We may offer Bonus Airpoints Dollars direct to all or to selected Airpoints Members at our discretion. To qualify the client must have received communications direct to their registered Airpoints Number and may be required to present their Airpoints card before points are processed.
  • Airpoints Dollars earned on appointments, hearing aid accessories, repairs (excluding the purchase of hearing aids) through Dilworth Hearing will be loaded onto your Airpoints account within 24 hours of your purchase of goods or services having been paid for in full.
  • Airpoints Dollars earned on hearing aid purchases only through Dilworth Hearing will be loaded onto your Airpoints account after 60 days of your purchase been paid for in full.
  • Airpoints Dollars earned will be provided on the client contribution amount only and will exclude any third-party funding amounts. Third-party funding may include any monetary contributions made not by the client or client's family (New Zealand Government subsidy, ACC, Veterans’ Affairs, Insurance, Ministry of Healthy fully funded, employer and others.)
  • Dilworth Hearing and Air New Zealand reserve the right to deduct Airpoints Dollars earned through Dilworth Hearing from your Airpoints account if the payment on which those Airpoints Dollars was earned is refunded or dishonored for any reason.

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