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With Dilworth Hearing’s new online learning portal you can access leading-edge international audiological and otological research for free. Not only will you find the latest information to best support your patients, you’ll also earn CPD points with every course you complete.

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How to refer your patient

We are happy to accept referrals online through Medtech, Healthlink, ERMS, or by phone 0800 345 967. You can also give your patient a GP voucher entitling them to 50% off the cost of the diagnostic hearing assessment. Order vouchers by completing the form below.

The process once you have referred a patient is as follows:

  1. Patient will be booked in for a full diagnostic hearing test
  2. If hearing loss is found we will have a consultation to discuss hearing treatment and funding options. Or if required the audiologist will refer on to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist
  3. 60-day money-back guarantee on all hearing aids
  4. Adjustments over a two-month trial period
  5. Annual reviews
  6. After six years patients can re-apply for ACC and Ministry of Health funding to upgrade their aids.

Order GP vouchers

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