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If you think you might have hearing loss, relax, you aren’t alone. Hearing loss or impairment affects nearly one in five New Zealanders*. Dilworth Hearing’s team of highly-qualified and experienced audiologists are here to help at 19 clinics New Zealand-wide.

*Source: Deloitte Access Economics,. (2017). The Economic Impact and Cost of Hearing Loss in New Zealand (p. 11). New Zealand: The National Foundation for the Deaf Inc.

Why fix your hearing loss?

Better hearing makes it easier to work, socialise, and enjoy your life. Finding a solution to your hearing loss sooner reduces the chances of auditory deprivation, or potential health issues such as cognitive decline, memory problems or having falls. Furthermore, it means that you won’t be missing out on conversations with your loved ones.

What about hearing aids?

One of the biggest challenges for people with hearing loss is being able to hear speech in noisy environments like cafés, parties and concerts. Modern hearing aids are now often smaller, smarter and increasingly discrete and can help you tacking these challenging situations more fluidly. With a range of hearing aid styles and technology at our fingertips, from global manufacturers (such as ReSound, Oticon, Phonak, Bernafon and Starkey amongst many others), you can be assured that you will find the best-matching hearing aids for your budget, lifestyle and hearing needs.

Hearing aids are (not always) expensive

With hearing aids available from $495 (after the New Zealand Government subsidy), modern hearing aids can be surprisingly affordable.

As you will often find with technology products like TVs or Smartphones, the cost of hearing aids is directly linked to the level of technology within them.

There are a variety of technology levels available, so you can explore the different features at each level to find a solution that best suits you. Ask for a demonstration of the latest hearing aid technology at your consultation appointment.

We also provide a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee and interest-free finance options with Q MasterCard.

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