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Adult Hearing Screening

What is hearing screening?

A screening is a quick check of your hearing that tells you if you have hearing loss or not. Screening appointments are now available for adults over 18 years of age only, at all Dilworth Hearing clinics. Request referral vouchers now.

This is sometimes referred to as a hearing check, or basic hearing test. A screening may be performed in an environment that is not certified or sound-treated (e.g. a GP clinic room), is usually a short appointment of 15-20 minutes, and is not always performed by an audiologist or audiometrist.


When would a patient need a basic hearing screening instead of a full diagnostic hearing assessment?

Refer your patient for a screening if it’s not clear whether or not the patient has hearing loss, or if they do acknowledge they have a hearing loss, they aren’t too concerned about it.

If a problem is identified during the hearing screening, the patient will be referred on for a full diagnostic hearing assessment.


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