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How do I deal with Hearing Loss?

Improving your hearing could involve a number of different solutions: having your ears professionally cleaned, learning some new communication strategies, or being fitted with hearing aids. Our focus is on finding the treatment that helps you get back to living your life. After your hearing assessment, we will work with you to find out about your lifestyle, your preferences, and your budget. With that information, we will be able to offer you hearing solutions to suit your needs.

How do I help a family member with suspected hearing loss?

If you are concerned that a family member or friend may be suffering from hearing loss, talking about it can often be the first step. It is not uncommon for family members to notice the hearing problem before the affected person does, as hearing loss can be a gradual process. Perhaps mention it as the problem arises, for example, if they have asked you to repeat yourself in conversation multiple times. Talking about it can help motivate someone to seek help. You may want to support your family member by accompanying them to a hearing assessment.

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